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Quality Policy

As Turtoy Caravan, all of our activities; With the Quality Management approach, we continuously improve it by managing it in line with our strategic goals, based on the basic principle of customer orientation, with the support of innovative thoughts and social responsibility awareness.
We accept quality and safe production as a management responsibility and ensure that all our employees, suppliers and manufacturers adopt our Quality Policy. For this purpose, we conduct continuous and planned trainings to ensure that all our employees understand the concepts and principles related to our Quality System.
We keep our dignity and self-respect above everything else, to increase the quality of life in health; We work with great passion to take part in every stage of life with contemporary, reliable and innovative solutions.
It is our priority to carry out all our business in accordance with the law, to act honestly, transparently, impartially, morally and professionally towards our colleagues, customers, suppliers and all business partners, and to protect the reputation and reliability of the Turtoy name.