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About Us

TURTOY KARAVAN is a subsidiary of Teskur Makine İnovasyon Otomotiv İthalat İhracat Dış Ticaret Ltd. Sti. was established in 2022. With its production center in Konya and its sales office (Istanbul), it aims to make caravans and caravans accessible to local and foreign camp and nature lovers by positioning towing and pick-up caravan models between Turkey and world standards in terms of price & performance.

Turtoy Caravan aims to deliver caravans produced with panel (GRP) and monoblock fiber casting techniques to its users with its young, contemporary and energetic staff focused on professional and customer satisfaction.

As Turtoy Caravan, we have always combined the highest quality product and service deliveries with the main topics such as after-sales service, maintenance, spare parts supply, by producing caravans that can be traveled freely without sacrificing comfort and quality in living spaces, and in line with the wishes and demands of our valued customers, we have combined ourselves and our customers. We aimed to contribute to the establishment and development of the sector and the caravan business phenomenon by constantly improving its products.