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Motto and Motto XL; Considering the basic shelter needs of ATV, UTV, Motorcycle and Small car users during long trips, tours and camps, the O1 caravan, which is a complete price performance product, was designed by Turtoy caravan for the first time in Turkey and put into production line.

At the Tüyap Karavanist Fair in January 2023, feedback was collected for the prototype product from local, foreign camping, tour enthusiasts, travel-loving motorcycle, automobile and ATV users, and after both technical and functional revisions and driving tests and certifications in different vehicle, road and climate conditions were completed, it was completed in 2023. It was launched at the April Motobike Istanbul fair and started to be introduced to its first customers.

Motto is your companion on long trips, camps and tours, with a basic kitchen and water supply system that can be used comfortably (full size bed) and safely (waterproofing, ventilation, panoramic glass roof, internal locking system) by taking 1 person with their personal belongings. , is just a phone call away to be your home...

While developing our product, maximum safety, minimum weight and accessibility to everyone in terms of price were aimed, so unnecessary additional accessories and hardware that could negatively affect these elements and which may vary from user to user were avoided.

Motto (160-170 kg) was towed with a 125cc motorcycle on a 30% inclined road without any additional weight other than its own materials without any problems. However, considering road conditions such as ramps, steep slopes, weather conditions such as rain and slippery ground, the required braking distance is at least It would be appropriate to tow it with a 250cc motorcycle and a vehicle heavier than the total full weight of the product.

Motto It will be appropriate for the user to tow with wider motorcycles (in terms of aerodynamics) and all vehicles, at least over 400cc, taking into account the 30 cm width of the product in length and width, and the equipment and materials he plans to add to the Motto XL.

As with all caravans, it would be appropriate to place these two products above the center of gravity (wheel level) when placing additional materials, loads, etc. for a safer and more comfortable journey.

Although technically there is no obstacle to the speed limit in proportion to the performance and weight of the towing vehicle on a straight road, since there is no additional braking mechanism in the products, it is necessary to follow the speed limits determined by the highways according to the characteristics of the towing vehicle, to overtake, to choose the right lane and to adjust your average braking distance. To become familiar with the vehicle, it is recommended that you test your braking distance on a suitable road with your own vehicle beforehand and continue using it. The legal speed limit for all O1 certified caravans is set at 100 km/h.

Since there is no law or legislation in the world regulating the installation of towbars on motorcycles other than factory-made motorcycles or motorcycles that can be provided with a towbar later by the brand itself, it cannot be said that the product is legally prohibited or completely free to be towed on these motorcycles. , district, village, town, village) can evaluate the pros and cons of the product together and use it on a motorcycle at their own initiative. It is known that users who contributed to the development of the product and went on a world tour with a similar housing solution or trailer did not face any criminal sanctions.

The certifications of our products are for caravans in the O-1 category (valid in all countries that recognize EU type approvals and certificates) issued by countries in the EU and institutions accredited by the EU. It has no additional license or inspection, and does not require a driver's license change. In product delivery; Your product's invoice, warranty certificate (2 years) and bilingual (Turkish-English) EU-approved O-1 type approval certificate prepared specifically for the chassis number of your caravan will be issued.

To visit all our existing products with a 3D virtual tour; You can access our 2024 January Caravanist Fair Stand 3D virtual tour from the Caravans tab.



You can examine all our products in detail and visit our stand from the 3D virtual tour link in the caravans tab. (Images were taken at the Tüyap Karavanist fair in January 2024.)